Vision of the Union

The Union hopes through the local chambers, councils and clubs of Libyan businessmen to contribute to achieve a good return and added value to the Libyan economy by activating the direction of the state which encourage the private sector and give him greater opportunities to assume the responsibilities and tasks of the economic burden through what they will to establish industrial and service projects and calls the national capital And from individual savings that have been idle for many years.

Goals of the Union

The General Union seeks assistance and support in the process of promoting trade, industry and agriculture, and taking care of the interests of the businessmen from the chambers in all fields in the interest of the national economy and within the framework of the general policy of the state.

  • Coordination in international relations

    Proposal to establish a joint chamber of commerce with foreign and Arab countries and representation of Libya in it.

  • Management of public associations and administrative committees

    Nominating the members of the General Assemblies and the Administrative Committees of the Joint Chambers from the Libyan side and proposing their establishment on the corresponding rooms abroad.

  • Organize visits and economic gatherings

    Preparing for the visits of trade and foreign delegations and the formation of economic and Libyan delegations from businessmen and specialists to travel abroad, receiving and farewelling economic delegations from all countries of the world and discussing enhancing cooperation with their countries in the fields of trade and industry.

  • Creation of economic forums

    Establishing economic forums with brotherly and friendly countries, exchanging information and publications with them and exchanging official visits.

  • Follow up of Chambers

    Follow up the affairs of chambers of commerce with the administrative, economic and other public bodies, and the cost of the chambers in the investigations with the commercial delegations at home and abroad and the common chambers and establish rules of cooperation and coordination between them and resolve any dispute between them.

  • Participation in local and international events

    Participating in economic conferences, internal and external exhibitions, holding conferences and exhibitions and supervising them at home and abroad.

  • Contribute to support decisions and legislation

    Preparation of studies and research and making recommendations and proposals for economic and industrial affairs and participation in decision-making in legislative and executive bodies.

  • Protect and defend the members of the Chambers

    The establishment of a arbitration and conciliation center, which is concerned with the arbitration of disputes between the members of the chambers at the request of the concerned parties provided that the parties to the dispute do not belong to a single chamber of commerce and settle the dispute in which a foreign party is based on the agreement of the parties concerned.

  The Commercial Law requires the economic, industrial, commercial or service activities to be affiliated with the Chamber, and the foreign and foreign sectors, as the Chamber fills the protective umbrella to support the private sector and encourage it as a partner to build the national economy and take its role in building and developing Libya today.

Functions of chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture

  • To push the national economy through the mechanism of dealing with business owners and modernizing the rules of the private sector
  • Providing a database for registration of companies and production units
  • Providing administrative and care facilities to the owners of small and medium enterprises, mainly registration certificates
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, training courses and participation in the work of economic and joint councils and research committees related to the economic and commercial activity of the members of the chambers
  • Provide support to the members of the chambers and protect their activities and defend their interests and work to demonstrate the difficulties they face
  • Provide suggestions and research to the concerned parties in economic development
  • Issuing publications, publications, economic newspapers, commercial guides and participating in economic reforms
  • To conclude agreements and cooperate with and participate in chambers and corresponding councils at home and abroad
  • Organizing and managing local exhibitions and participation in Arab and international
  • Issuance of certificates of origin, certificates and adjudication in commercial disputes
  • Collecting information and statistics of trade and industry and providing institutions and people
  • To send Libyan delegations, organize them and prepare them to visit abroad and receive and prepare for the visit of foreign delegations to Libya
  • To certify the securities and data related to the activity and trade and the ability of the financial guarantee and the commercial character and degree
  • Establishing the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration and settling disputes at home and abroad, and To protect business interests and to provide assistance to develop solutions for any commercial difficulties
  • Helping to establish business relations with world watchers. Quick access to foreign companies and attracting partner and Providing members with awareness of laws, regulations and economic decisions
  • Linking with the World Trade Centers in the capitals and cities of the world and Assistance in obtaining the necessary visas for them and their guests from foreign businessmen
  • Encourage young people’s abilities and create an environment that is transparent to them, and establish a bridge between the youth of business and finance and banking to build the capacities of young people in business management.  Spreading a spirit of entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging young entrepreneurs to take initiative
  • Raising the competitiveness of the industrial business young people and guiding them to run their business on a modern scientific and technical basis
  • To achieve the interests of the private sector in the framework of national efforts and policies to support Libyan industries, develop them, increase their exports and promote them to foreign markets
  • Meeting the needs of businessmen and empowering them to activate their role in building a strong and competitive national economy to establish their position
  • The establishment of a database and economic information on Libya and the private sector and the definition of relevant laws, regulations and ministerial decisions and economic relations between the economic sectors at home and abroad
  • Issuing evidence and disseminating economic information and making the annual directory as an information and media reference in the easy and easy way to allow all readers and business owners to extract from it
  • The General Union of Chambers shall consolidate international relations, especially commercial, industrial and investment, and bring together the views of business owners in all fields, and create bridges of understanding and cooperation among them, creating the right environment and the right climate for exchange of goods and products.
  • The achievement of political economic gains and closer cooperation between the Union and its chambers in Libya and the chambers of commerce in the world and the economic activities and the exchange of benefit in a world that has become drowning in the dossiers and swept by motives of interest

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